Our Graphics Design Services

Logo & Branding

A logo is the cornerstone of your company or business. So it is important to get a logo that would best represent your brand. Here at Clicks & Pixels Production, we understand the need to make the perfect impression to your customers and potential customers.

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Print Ads Design

Print Ads Marketing is one of the most strategic move of every company that relies on personal marketing to reach out to more customers. It reflects professionalism and formality between business owners and their customers. Professionally-designed graphics go a long way.

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Photo Processing & Editing

Photo processing is one of the most underrated tasks today given that camera phones nowadays could automatically process the shots with just a click of a button. But for most businesses, photo processing still remains a vital part of creative marketing both print and online.

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Our Process

We treat your projects like our own. So we device a process in order to maximize the time in creating your graphics.


We carefully plan out the design, content, concept, and services needed for the our client's graphics. We submit different designs for approval. If the client wants a custom design, we convert the sample design into mock-up so the client can see how it will look like.


Once the design and the elements involved are approved, we begin processing the graphics. We consult the client along the way for any last-minute changes the client might want. We use the latest graphics design software to ensure compatibility with the client's or print company's software.

QA Test

Once the designing is done, the team begins to deliberate if the quality of the graphics design would help the design stand out. The client is also consulted for final approval. Changes will be made accordingly to achieve the desired results. Mock-ups will also be used for final presentation.

Turning Over

Once the design is approved, it will then be turned over to the client for its intended purpose. The designs will be submitted in PSD, PNG, and JPG formats. Other formats might also be used either to preserve the quality of the graphics or to compress the file for fast upload.