Web Design Packages

Basic HTML5/CSS3

Basic HTML5/CSS3 websites are still the ideal platform for small enterprises looking for affordable and reliable websites to showcase their businesses. This platform is recommended for those who are financially practical and don't need too much updating on their web contents.

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Wordpress is probably the most utilized web platform today. Though mainly a blogging platform, its user-friendly interface and flexibility gave Wordpress the edge over other CMS and it has been used worldwide for business websites, personal websites, landing pages, and even e-commerce.

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E-Commerce platforms have been developed to do a very important thing: make online shopping safe and convenient. With the rise of online shopping around the world, we make sure to use only the best e-commerce platform available that is convenient to both the guest and the business owner.

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Our Process

We treat your projects like our own. So we device a process in order to maximize the time in creating your website.


We carefully plan out the design, content, concept, and services needed for the our client's website. We submit different designs for approval. If the client wants a custom design, we convert the sample design into PSD so the client can see how it will look like.


Once the design and the elements are approved, we begin the coding of the template. For ready-made templates and themes, the contents are added immediately and placed according to how the client wanted. Custom-designed templates start from scratch.

QA Test

Once the coding is done, the website begins the testing stage. The first test is done by the team. Links, pages, images, and functionality are scrutinized individually. The second test is done with the client. After the test, the client will then decide if the website is approved for launch or not.

Website Launch

Once tested and approved, there's only one thing left to do. The website will then be launched and tested by the users and visitors. This is where the post-sales support comes in. We ensure that everything is in working condition. QA test will continue even after the website has been launched.